How to Choose the Right Whole House Generator

residential generators

Residential generators are a great addition to any household since they help you be prepared for emergency situations. But before you make this investment, how do you find the right whole house generator for your needs? Comfort Zone of the Carolinas has some tips for you on how to choose the right generator for your home in the Rock Hill and Fort Mill, SC area:

  • Determine the generator size. First, you need to determine which size generator you need. Inspect every appliance in your home, and take note of the power needed for complete operation. Bring this list of power requirements with you to the generator service.
  • What about portable generators? As the name suggests, these types of generators may be moved. They’re gas powered so all you have to do is plug in your appliances in order to obtain electricity. While they offer a few benefits, portable generators have quite a few setbacks. For starters, you have to keep them in a easy accessible location so you can quickly pull them out in an emergency. You must also consider the reach of your electrical cords. Any plug that cannot reach the generator will render its appliance useless.
  • Standby generators are the most convenient option. Located outside a house and fueled by natural gas or propane, standby generators are generally more expensive than their portable counterparts. That’s because they’re designed to start up automatically during a power outage.

When it comes to quality residential generators, Comfort Zone of Carolinas is the place to call. Let us help you find the one you need for your home in Rock Hill or Fort Mill, SC.

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