Geothermal Heat Pumps

We all know that “going green” is good for the environment. But did you know that it can also save you money? Sustainable energy solutions like geothermal heat pumps can greatly reduce your energy bill, making these systems an excellent investment for many homeowners in the Tri-County area of Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Lake Wylie, Clover, Lancaster, Chester, Indian Land, York, and Great Falls, SC. Comfort Zone of the Carolinas wants you to know the benefits of a geothermal heating and air conditioning system.

Here’s how it works: The earth acts like a giant solar collector. Some say that up to half the sun’s energy is absorbed by the ground. As a result, Earth’s core releases energy constantly, without ever stopping. A GeoStar geothermal heat pump from Comfort Zone of the Carolinas uses this energy to provide heating, air conditioning, and hot water for your whole home. These systems have virtually no moving parts, they’re virtually silent, and they last for up to 50 years. Plus, they add more value to your home.

So how do you know if a geothermal heating and air conditioning system might be right for you? Some homeowners purchase geothermal heat pumps because it makes them feel like they’re doing something good for the planet. Many people do it because they’re environmentally conscious. Others are simply getting tired of rising fuel prices. Even more are fed up with having to replace their traditional HVAC systems every 10 to 15 years.

Interested in learning more about how you can put the earth’s energy to work for you? Talk to Comfort Zone of the Carolinas. Our team of heating and air conditioning experts sells, installs, and services Geostar brand geothermal heat pumps for our customers in the Rock Hill, SC area. To learn more, call our office at (803) 909-ZONE or (803) 327-1414. We’re happy to help you determine if this type of system is right for your needs.