What Are the Different Types of Heating Service Contracts?

heating service contracts

Mother Nature tricked us into thinking we could turn off the heat – but that’s not been the case this week! A little snow and temperatures at the freezing mark have reminded us that spring hasn’t officially started yet. This is a good reminder to take care of your heating equipment so it will be ready whenever you need it. Heating service contracts provides routine maintenance for your furnace or heat pump so you won’t have to worry. But did you know that different heating contractors offer different types of maintenance agreements? Comfort Zone of the Carolinas wants to give you a brief overview of what may be offered to you by your heating repair company in Rock Hill, SC or Fort Mill, SC:

  • Annual or semi-annual agreement – These agreements cover an annual or semi-annual heating system checkup for your heating equipment. These contracts are beneficial for just about everyone. If you have a new system, the inspections will make sure it continues to run properly for as long as possible. If you have a older unit, these visits will spot problems before they cause your heat to quit working altogether.
  • Planned and unplanned visits – These contracts cover labor costs for both scheduled and unexpected repairs for your heating system. These agreements are very helpful for homeowners, as they offer homeowners reassurance for when and if repairs are needed.
  • Parts maintenance – These arrangements cover labor costs for maintenance on a heating system, as well as selected component repairs. While some parts are relatively inexpensive, others can take a bit more out of your wallet. This coverage helps you minimize unexpected out-of-pocket expenses for heating repairs.

To learn more about heating service contracts for your home, contact Comfort Zone of the Carolinas to learn more about our coverage options. Our local heating repair service in Rock Hill, SC and Fort Mill, SC is here for all your home comfort needs.

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